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"My passion is to design memorable experiences
that inspire, entertain, and unite people."


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Design goes beyond fulfilling needs; it opens opportunities to problem-solve and be creative. Experience design is the combination of art and science. Each project is unique with its challenges and can have the power to be influential or unforgettable. That is what invigorates me! My passion is to create memorable experiences that inspire, entertain, and unite people.

With my educational background in architecture and scene design, I have a diverse creative repertoire as well as a solid foundation in design. No process is the same, but I always make an insightful approach to my work. Working well with others is also crucial. Collaboration is one of my favorite aspects of the design process. Having an active role in student government furthered my practice in the values of organization, communication, and leadership.

Would love to connect whether it is a work opportunity or casual networking. Contact me via my email link above.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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